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Everyone should have a financial planner. But to be truly successful, you need one who is properly qualified, passionate about finance and personally committed to giving you the best possible advice and service.

Our clients value knowing that they have a ‘go-to’ person for their financial affairs.

We’re in business to help you make the most of your life by making the right decisions about your money, both now and in the future.

We believe in doing things differently when we feel it’s best for you. We’re constantly challenging the ‘status quo’ and we always manage your finances proactively and decisively. It’s a proven approach which delivers highly competitive investment returns. This is evidenced by our successful long-term client relationships, often spanning more than 20 years.

We don’t take commissions. Your financial planner focuses on making your money work for you and your family, not for product providers, financial institutions or even our business.

Wealth and Tax Management is a completely independent Chartered Financial Planning service. The majority of our planners are personally Chartered too. We have succession planning in place. This means you’ll always have a highly qualified personal adviser who understands your needs, appreciates your background with us and knows your portfolio. You’ll never be left alone if your current adviser retires.

Plus, we guarantee the advice given by our Chartered Financial Planners.

If you’re not delighted with our service, we will reimburse 100% of any fixed fee you have paid us. Going forward if you’re not delighted with our ongoing services we will reimburse 100% of any management fees you have paid us in the last year. No questions, no quibbles, no hidden charges: that’s our guarantee to you.

The results.

By delivering all of the above, we aim to change your life for the better, and help you to live your dreams. It’s our role to help you to achieve wealth in all of its forms, which includes money, health, time and relationships. When all of these are in balance, you are more likely to:

  1. Live longer
  2. Live healthier
  3. Have better relationships

Don’t just take our word for it!

We value our clients feedback on our services, so in July 2019 we undertook a client survey. We were delighted with the results which showed that:

  • 98% of our clients believe that working with us has helped, or will help them to achieve their financial goals.
  • 97% of our clients are satisfied with the speed of our responses.
  • 90% of our clients would recommend us to friends, family or colleagues.

You can meet some of our clients by visiting our client stories page

If you’re ready for a little proactive financial planning; and to enjoy some competitive returns; why not try our services? The sooner you start planning with us, the sooner you can be living your dreams.

It’s easy to get started: simply call us on 01908 523 740 or email us at: wealth@wealthandtax.co.uk

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Whether you’re local to us (Milton Keynes, Leighton Buzzard, Northampton, Bedford, London) or farther afield, our expert team of financial planning specialists can provide the advice and support you need to take care of your money effectively.

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The sooner you start planning with us, the sooner you can be living your dreams.

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