Book of the Month – September 2015

Sep 4, 2015 | Tony Byrne's View

time-and-time-againWe rarely recommend a novel as the book of the month, so when we do it has to be something special.

This month’s book is Ben Elton’s (yes, the Ben Elton, the comedian) Time and Time Again. First, let us say that this is not a literary masterpiece; Ben Elton is an excellent writer but Dickins he is not. But in this hugely enjoyable book he has woven a large slice of history into the fabric of the story. Set in 2025 and 1914, it asks what would you do if you could change one thing in history? An intriguing question, and one that requires more consideration than you first think.

Setting most of the book in 1914 allows Elton to educate the reader with his considerable knowledge of the period whilst enjoying a good story. If you would like some light reading but would also like to learn something, you could do worse than this.

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