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“We’re confident with our financial future thanks to Wealth & Tax.”

Gary & Tina


Hi, my name is Gary. This is my wife, Tina. We’ve been with Wealth & Tax Management for about three years now. We actually meet Tony Byrne on regular basis, and he is our main adviser.

I’m coming up for retirement within the next 18 months. Three years ago, we looked at retirement plans, and how we could best do that. I had various pensions scattered across companies I’d worked for previously, so the idea was to put them into one pot and work out the best way to support our plans for retirement.


You want to be assured by a financial expert that you’ll have enough money to live on fairly comfortably. And if you decide to go down the investment route, which was what we did with my pension, you want to know if there’s more risk . So, we wanted those risks explained and managed. My weak spot is anything financial or with figures, so I found it quite reassuring to get the advice that I did.


We did a little bit of research and primarily wanted a local company, so that we had someone we could visit and actually sit down with to work through our plans. After some research in the local area and online, as well as checking reviews, we liked the sound of Wealth & Tax Management and what they’ve done with the pensions of their existing customers. We decided to go there and had an initial meeting with Tony Byrne. We liked his ideas and his way of doing things, so we decided to put everything together and work with Wealth & Tax.


It’s inconceivable that a person could manage their own pension questions because it is such a complex area. You need reassurance and advice, and Wealth & Tax assessed that, as well as our attitude to risk. They made sure we were completely confident before we made any moves.

We’re confident that, essentially, the big decisions we’ve made have been the right ones. And I think we would be advised quickly if things started to go wrong, as well as being confident they would help us to put them right.


Without the advice of Wealth & Tax, we’d be struggling at the moment. As I said earlier, the economy’s quite uncertain, so we really need to be with an expert company. We feel that Wealth & Tax give us that level of judgement, analysis and recommendation. We’re very comfortable with them at the moment.


I would describe Wealth & Tax management as friendly. I love the fact that you can check on your money as many times as you want, with the excellent app that we can use very easily on a phone or iPad. And they’ve given us confidence for the future.

The best thing about working with Wealth & Tax is that you can pick up the phone if you’ve seen something worrying on the news, or there’s been some change in the world situation, of which there has been plenty recently. If you’re wondering whether these events will have an effect on your investments, there is always somebody there to answer your questions clearly and quickly.


The best single piece of advice was around several different pensions we had, after we asked them for their view on what to do. The advice I got from talking to them and working out the best way of handling my pensions was certainly the best for me.

Based on our experience with Wealth & Tax, we would certainly recommend them to other people, particularly people in our position who are nearing retirement, and who want sound advice from a company who works with you. In terms of all of that, we’ve been very happy, and we’ll continue to have those conversations with Tony and the team, both when we retire and passed that too. So, yes, we’re very happy with them.

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