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“Thanks to Wealth & Tax we feel confident about our future.”


My name is Ian Campbell. I’ve been a client of Wealth & Tax Management for over 25 years and my principal advisor is Tony Byrne.

In terms of help from Tony, I was looking ahead to retirement and I suppose, like everyone, had the same concern about how long my money would last. I wanted to maintain my capital, so my brief to Tony in the first place was to maintain my capital while generating sufficient income for retirement.

I actually met Tony through a networking group when I was self-employed. I was offering him some advice on marketing, we got to know each other, and Tony persuaded me after saying that he would save me more money on my tax than his fee would cost, and he did.

Compared to any other financial service, Wealth & Tax Management keep things simple. And in my view, they are a very up-to-date company that is constantly looking to improve the way they manage money.

Over the years, we’ve got to know Tony quite well, actually. He’s become a friend in that sense. We do talk about lots of different things. One of the things that he’s given us advice on is Lasting Power of Attorney, which is something that not everybody thinks about. I suppose people don’t want to think about reaching a point where they’re not able to make decisions about their own affairs. But it is important, and Tony gave us some good advice, which we acted upon, and took out a Lasting Power of Attorney for both our health and wealth.

Our financial future is secure. We have an annual meeting with Tony, and he shows us all the projections, right through to the age of 100, which hopefully we might reach. According to those projections, we will be fine until the age of 100, if we carry on the same way we have for the last 25 years.

Working with Wealth & Tax Management makes me feel secure because they have a long-term strategy. Some of the advisors that I worked with previously were quite short-term in their thinking. They would say, “invest in this particular stock” and then, three years later, they’d sell it. It was sort of chopping and changing. Whereas with Wealth & Tax Management, there is a consistent long-term strategy, which seems to have worked very effectively for us.

The three words I would use to describe my relationship with Wealth & Tax Management are trust, rapport, and continuity.

The best thing about working with Wealth & Tax is that they not only manage our money very effectively, but we also have fun. We look forward to our meetings because it’s a pleasure to meet with Tony and his team, as well as knowing that they’re looking after our money satisfactorily.

The best piece of advice that they’ve given us is about risk-taking. Naturally, we’re very averse to taking risks, particularly my wife, Gail. While I’m slightly less averse, I wouldn’t say I was a big risk-taker either. But Tony has encouraged us and, in a sense, taught us that risk equals reward. As we’ve gone through the years, we’ve taken a bit more risk, not huge ones, and have seen greater rewards.

Yes, I would definitely recommend Wealth & Tax Management, and, in fact, I have done so to a number of our friends and family. I’m pleased to say that some of them have actually taken up with Tony and are now getting their advice from him and his team. To summarise, they manage your money very effectively.

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