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“Wealth & Tax are experts in their field, so I feel like my money is in safe hands.”


Hello, my name is Philip, and I’ve been a client of Wealth & Tax for about nine years. I’ve dealt with a variety of different people, who’ve all been particularly helpful. I’ve dealt with Cholpon, as well as a number of other people, and everyone is always very helpful and kind.

Financial planning has always been at the back of my mind, but I’d never been able to find somebody to sort that part of my life out so I didn’t have to worry about it. Wealth & Tax have been fabulous with that.

I initially wanted help with a lot of shares I had. I had a lot of investments, and small pension pots from different companies that I had worked for in the past, so I needed somebody to tell me which ones were worth keeping, and which ones weren’t. That is, whether it was worth keeping them at all or changing them into something else. They’ve been great with that.

I heard about them from a friend of mine, who had also used their services. I went along and had a chat and they were great, and really up to date with technology, which is something I’m dreadful with. They were able to show me a whole series of scenarios for the future. For example, if I wanted to retire at a certain age and wanted to see where I stood financially, they could progress that scenario and see how it played out further down the track. We could tie in everything to see which scenario was going to work.

They really seem to empathise and listen to what I want. A lot of other places seemed to have made up their minds before they’d actually spoken to me and heard what I wanted. But I wanted to deal with somebody who listened to me and what was good for me, rather than being fitted into their preconceptions. Wealth & Tax were much better at dealing with this than a lot of the other people I spoke to.

I feel much more secure in my financial future when I look at the facts and figures, especially when it’s projected onto the computer. You can adjust all the different scenarios, so if you want to retire at a certain stage, or you’ve got a property that you want to sell, you can see how much it affects everything else. From that point of view, it’s reassuring.

The three main things about working with Wealth & Tax are, firstly, that it gives me peace of mind that things are in good hands and my finances are secure. Secondly, they’re experts in their field, and I like to deal with people who know what they’re doing and speak a similar kind of language to me. In my business world and profession, I consider myself an expert in my field. I like to deal with similar people, especially regards my future, and want to put it in good hands. Lastly, the security of my investments is also important. I want to know that they’re with somebody who’s been there, seen it, done it. Not somebody who is maybe a bit wet behind the ears or has a lot of talk without anything to back it up. Those are the people I want in my world.

The best thing about working with Wealth & Tax Management is their availability and approachability.

The best piece of advice they gave me recently, and they’ve given me lots of nuggets of advice over the years, was regarding my pension from when I worked for a high street company. As far as I was concerned, what I was going to get per year was actually quite good. But when they sat down and looked at the figures and showed them to me, it was clear they could do much better. Indeed, so far they have very much done so.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Wealth & Tax Management to any of my family, friends or colleagues because my experience with them has been exemplary.

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