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“It’s reassuring to know Wealth & Tax are always there to point me in the right direction.”


Hi, I’m Theresa. I’ve been with Wealth & Tax for 30 years plus, and Tony has been with me all the way.

I started looking for a financial adviser as soon as I started work. I was keen to have independence, get a house, and be financially secure later in life.

So, when I first started looking, I did what most people do – search on the internet, locally, and in newspapers – and Wealth & Tax came up quite a lot in most of my searches. I thought I could have an informal chat and see how I got on with them. From the first moment I started speaking to Tony, I felt really comfortable. So, it was a no-brainer to pick them.

Most recently, over the last two to three years, we reviewed my company’s final salary pension. But obviously that ties you to a retirement date, and the funds are only released at that time. As Tony was aware, I’d always had an ambition to retire early, so we reassessed what we could do to make that happen and moved that money into a separate fund.

I feel very secure working with them. Your finances are pretty critical to everything you do, so trusting that they have your best interests at heart is paramount for me.

My goals have changed. Originally, I wanted to secure my house, but subsequently my goal has changed to securing my post-work security. They’ve always been there to point me in the right direction, so I’ve never felt under any illusion that things weren’t going in the right direction, and that it wasn’t under control.

The three words I’d use to describe Wealth & Tax are trustworthy, approachable, and reliable.

The best thing about working with them is their laid-back approach and the personable way they treat people. They genuinely show interest in what they’re doing for you, and want to make your dreams come true. I’ve never felt that it’s just a client-advisor relationship – it’s always seemed much more friendly and personal.

The single best piece of advice they’ve given me is not to worry about short-term financial downs, but to look at the bigger picture and realise that the long-term goals will come.

Would I recommend Wealth & Tax? Most definitely. For anyone who wants someone to help and assist with their financial goals and aims, they’re ideal, they’re there to listen to and support you, and they’ve never done anything wrong for me. I’ve nothing but high praise for them.

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