Don’t Talk Talk

Nov 14, 2015 | Tony Byrne's View

2000px-talktalk_logosvg__2xThe recent Talk Talk cyber-attack has definitely highlighted for many people the importance of their data security and awareness, especially as it has now been reported that the person at the heart of the attack is a fifteen-year-old boy!

It can be all too easy to accidentally give up those seemingly insignificant details to that nice-enough caller on the other end of the phone, or to open that suspicious-looking email without really thinking.

Recent events at Talk Talk have highlighted how vulnerable we are when dealing with our sensitive personal information and how we must ensure we are vigilant in all areas to stop any potential attacks on our information.

As we have reported in previous articles, we may call you if we receive emails from you requesting a change to any of your personal information, or if we receive anything we feel may be out of character. Please don’t take this personally – we are just trying to keep you safe.