It is the time of the year when everyone starts talking about Christmas and what to get to loved ones. You start seeing shops putting out their Christmas decorations even though you feel that it is a bit early for that, especially since we just had summer not long ago. 


I love shopping, especially before Covid-19 when I used to go shopping in person but those days are almost gone. Well, I still go to the shops for a particular item but I mainly shop online. It does help when you know which brands fit your size. 


The other occasion when I shop online is when we need something for the house and it is usually Amazon who delivers what you need the next day. However, you need to be a Prime member in order to benefit from next-day delivery. 


Over the years I have used various methods to complete my Christmas shopping. So I will share with you some of them, you may find useful:


  • I am always mindful when I am out and about. That is if I see something which is suitable for a particular person I just buy it and put it in the study. Especially, if the items are on sale you are getting a double benefit by getting them with a discount and saving time in the future.  I have a corner where I have a stash of presents, wrapping paper (brown hard paper, crepe paper and traditional wrapping paper), dry roses from my garden, bows, cards, shredded tissue, ribbons, pretty gift boxes/bags and anything you can use to make your present stand out. 


  • Online gift vouchers which I used during Covid -19 and worked really well. The only thing is that you need to know the interests of that person, a little bit like knowing your client but it could be anyone, to be honest. For example, if I know that person is into DIY then I will order a voucher from DIY stores. Otherwise, anything generic like Amazon vouchers or shopping city centre ones which cover a number of shops are as good as any.


  • There is always someone you missed and you do some last-minute shopping where you can choose option 2 which will save you time or you hit the shops knowing you are going to hit the traffic. If you choose to go to the shops, do decide in advance which shops you are going to visit and what present you have in mind for that person. 


  • Avoid unwanted gifts like socks and mugs, they are only going to end up not being used. I have a tip for avoiding this situation by asking a person what they would like for Christmas which I do for my children and close family members and throwing in some presents with my own initiative. It is a bit like mix and match. 


All in all, if you plan your shopping journey, then you will be stress-free at the festive time and able to enjoy the celebrations with your loved ones*. 


Best wishes,




 * This blog is based on my own experience and opinions.

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