Isn’t It Time You Got A Life?

Sep 30, 2015 | Tony Byrne's View

I have recently met three couples all of whom have very successful careers and are happily married yet there seems to be something missing in their lives. They all appeared to be working far too hard and didn’t have time to truly relax and assess their lives.

Each of them came to see me because of a specific financial need yet when I asked them in turn “What do you think about money?” they all opened up about their lives and talked about the non-financial issues in their lives. Interestingly none of them spoken about money as being the most important thing in their lives.

The most common issue was a lack of work/life balance. They were all working hard, they really enjoyed their jobs yet the complained about not spending enough time with each other and with their children. They were working on auto pilot and getting ground down by having too much work to do and not enough free time to do the things they really liked doing.

One of the successful couples wanted to quit the “rat race” altogether and instead run a “lifestyle business”, not earning high incomes but following their passions.  As a result of our discussions I have agreed to create life plans for them all.

These plans will not solely focus on their finances. The financial planning will simply facilitate them achieving their lifestyle goals. We will have a number of meetings over a period of months during which we establish exactly what they want and then build a life plan to help them to achieve it. So the question to ask you is are you happy with your work/life balance and, if not, would you like to be coached in how to achieve your life goals or would you rather stay in the “rat race”.

Why not contact us for a friendly, informal meeting at our expense at our lovely offices overlooking Furzton Lake, where we can share some great ideas with you. We offer a superb cup of coffee too! Tony Byrne Chartered and Certified Financial Planner Author of Wealth Magic Financial Planning Director Wealth And Tax Management.

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