Job Opportunity: Financial Planner

Dec 9, 2015 | Tony Byrne's View

Do you believe life is for living your dreams?

Do you believe people need a little help turning their dreams into reality? Do you want to help people achieve financial freedom so they can really enjoy their life? If so – we might want to meet you. We are looking for a qualified Financial Planner to help us on our quest. Everyday our Chartered Financial Planners work with clients to find out their dreams and turn them into reality and in order to ensure our current planners are not overloaded we require another planner to ensure our service remains the best and our clients remain fans! You’ll be based in our office in Milton Keynes, working with Directors who are constantly coming up with new ideas and changing things and leading a client support team that are always focused on service. We will throw a lot at you and you may have to stay late sometimes. We are currently a small business with big aspirations so from time to time you will need to chip in and take on other duties. You will also need to make sure you keep your professional knowledge up to date and take exams when required. Your career with us will grow as our business grows and if you share our vision we genuinely believe we can provide you with a stimulating environment where you will look forward to coming to work every day! In a nutshell we are looking for someone who is going to make a real difference to the lives of our clients. Can you help? If you are interested drop us a note via email to – tell us about you and we can set up some time to talk more. Whoever can help us we guarantee we will deliver those dreams of our clients.

About Wealth and Tax Management Chartered Financial Planners

We believe life is for living your dreams. By listening to our clients and working with them we identify their dreams and what it is that is currently stopping them from achieving them. We provide our clients with the financial freedom so they can really enjoy their life! We do this by making their money work harder for them whilst at the same time giving them peace of mind that they are not taking any more risk with than they are comfortable with. For nearly 30 years we have been helping business owners and executives aged 45+ who are ready to greatly improve their work life balance. As independent Chartered Financial Planners we use interactive visual technology to break down your finances into simple terms so it easy to know what you have and what you need to have. So if it’s selling the business, knowing you can afford to retire now rather than working 5 years longer, helping your grandchildren through university, we can work with you to achieve your goals. Our client meetings take place in our lakeside offices in Milton Keynes where you are always offered a good cup of coffee, tea or latte if you prefer! Our offices are also the location for our Informal Education Seminars which are free to attend and provide useful information on various areas of financial planning.

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