A movie night you may regret

Dec 10, 2015 | Tony Byrne's View

You may have heard recently how more than 100 retired footballers face huge losses of up to £100m after investing in film and property deals. After huge investment, these schemes are now in jeopardy, having either failed entirely or been deemed by HMRC to be tax evasive.

These schemes are extremely high risk and are considered inappropriate for most people. Film schemes are intended for sophisticated investors – not a term that comes immediately to mind when you think of footballers. So what on earth were their advisers doing, other than pocketing the commission that these schemes paid?

As a company we prefer to focus on not losing money, rather than on how much money can be made – especially when that would involve taking unreasonably high levels of risk. As you are all aware, the way we manage our clients’ investments means that we consider the risk of potential investments, not just their performance, and make sure that we do not put your money in danger just for the possibility of making that little bit extra.

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