Have you heard of DEFI? If not read on

  Forgive the corny headline.  I couldn’t resist it.  My 84-year-old mother has become quite deaf over the last 12 months.  I, for one, will not be calling her a DEFI though! No, DEFI is the acronym for decentralised finance, not an insult aimed at deaf people.  Who...

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Capital Gains Tax is changing or is it?

  Capital Gains Tax, like Inheritance Tax, is a capital tax as opposed to a spending or Income Tax.  I personally find capital taxes particularly galling.  After all, you have already paid Income Tax and National Insurance on your hard-earned income as well as...

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A smart way to save Inheritance Tax

  In April 2017 a new additional Inheritance Tax, IHT, free allowance was introduced known as the Residence Nil Rate Band or RNRB for short.  For those that meet the criteria, this allowance is in addition to the main one which is known as the Nil Rate Band, NRB. ...

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