Quid game

  Gambling addiction is a serious issue.  I should know.  My father was a gambling addict for most of his adult life.  He must have wasted a small fortune gambling on horse racing.  Fortunately, he finally saw sense and gave up gambling overnight when he was 50.  It...

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The Nil Rate Band (NRB)

  Every person has their own Nil Rate Band (NRB). This is the amount that can be distributed on their death without Inheritance Tax being payable. The NRB has been frozen in value at £325,000 since April 2009 and will continue to be frozen until at least April 2026....

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The value added by your financial adviser

  I’ve always felt that financial advisers are under-appreciated especially when compared to fellow professionals such as accountants and solicitors.  The problem is that much of the work of a financial adviser is intangible and, where it is tangible, the client...

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