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I recently reviewed a client’s company money purchase pension scheme and discovered that it was invested in a Lifestyle Option. An investment strategy like this is designed to gradually switch the investments within the pension into lower risk investments typically...

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Tony Byrne’s View 25 September 2017

The advent of Pension Freedoms which were introduced by George Osbourne in April 2015 ushered in an era of unprecedented benefits for people with personal pensions. These benefits are so attractive when compared to final salary pension schemes it is no surprise that...

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Tony Byrne’s View 18 September 2017

Last week I attended a financial planning conference at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham called Back2Y on the subject of lifestyle planning. Back2Y stands for back to why you entered the financial planning profession. Lifestyle planning is an emerging...

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Tony Byrne’s View 10 September 2017

I was recently asked by a couple of young early career people how they could get onto the property ladder by buying their first homes. Now we do not advise on mortgages but we are experienced in advising parents and grandparents on ways to help their children and...

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Tony Byrne’s View 4 September 2017

Regular readers of my View blogs will be aware that we have formed our own fund management company, Intelligent Wealth Fund Managers, and that we are going to launch our first fund, The Intelligent Wealth Fund, in early 2018. We have recently decided to change our...

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Tony Byrne’s View 29 August 2017

The recent news that Tata Steel is going to restructure the British Steel Pension Scheme by reducing benefits and ploughing in £550 million must be a huge relief to its members who have agreed to it. This follows on the heels of Sir Philip Green's decision earlier...

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Tony Byrne’s View 21 August 2017

Having advised pre-retired and retired clients for more than 30 years now and having studied financial planning for at least the same length of time I feel sufficiently qualified to give my observations on the subjects of money, happiness and retirement. The first...

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Tony Byrne’s View 14 August 2017

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it ... he who doesn't ... pays it.” Who is attributed with having made this statement? Why the great Albert Einstein no less! Surprising eh? In fact there is no documentary proof that...

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Tony Byrne’s View 7 August 2017

The Bank of England has recently been reported in the Sunday Times to be demanding detailed information from High Street lenders on how they approve loans after sounding the alarm over the growth in consumer debt. In particular the introductory 0% rate on credit cards...

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Tony Byrne’s View 31 July 2017

I was recently sent a business bank charges statement from our bank which is a well-known High Street bank. I noticed the highest interest rate on offer was 0.10% even on balances of £1m or more! However, if our business account were to go into an accidental overdraft...

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Tony Byrne’s View 24 July 2017

Ever struggled to get your head around the concept of compounding or discounting? For many people maths is a challenging subject but for us as wealth managers it is of course our bread and butter. So how about a simple rule for working out how long it takes to double...

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Tony Byrne’s View 17 July 2017

Ever heard of the acronym FANG? Unfortunately it's not as interesting as it sounds because it has absolutely nothing to do with Count Dracula or his famous fangs! Interestingly my step-daughter's surname is Fang too. It's really funny how these little coincidences...

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Tony Byrne’s View 10 July 2017

Are you a collector of plastic cards for a plethora of uses such as store cards, reward cards, loyalty cards, membership cards, fuel cards, bank cards and credit cards etc?  If you are like me you probably have far too many cards to carry around with you in your...

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Tony Byrne’s View 3rd July 2017

I discovered a little known shareholders' organisation called Sharesoc at an investment conference I attended earlier this year. I bumped into someone manning their stand and after listening to his short sales pitch I decided to join it on the spot! So why did I make...

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Tony Byrne’s View 26th June 2017

With the recent Budget fresh in people's minds and the media's obsession with each party's manifesto promises from the recent General Election the inexorable rise in taxation continues each year. Because both Tory and Labour governments have been clever at introducing...

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Tony Byrne’s View 19th June 2017

In spite of the inexorable rises in taxation announced by the Chancellor in each year's Budget there still remains a surprisingly high number of ways to minimise your taxation with careful planning with your financial planner. For starters whether you are investing...

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Tony Byrne’s View 12th June 2017

So Theresa May and the Tories have made a complete hash of the snap election and lost their majority in the Commons as a result. This was a classic case of a gamble that went wrong. George Osbourne's Evening Standard renamed May as Weak and Wobbly rather than Strong...

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Tony Byrne’s View 5th June 2017

Following on from my article in February this year about saving money on buildings and contents insurance I thought it worth exploring the subject of energy cost savings. A number of years ago I used Uswitch to change my home's energy suppliers from EDF Energy to a...

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