We believe that our holistic and bespoke advice can add significant value to individuals and businesses. Therefore, choosing your financial planner is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make.

We encourage you to take a look at our fees below to better understand how we work and the value we can add. They are payable at three stages of your financial planning journey: Commitment Fee, Implementation Fee and Ongoing Planning Fee. Our actual charges and fees will be agreed upon in writing before we do any work.

Take your time, and we hope that we can work with you in the future.

Your Commitment Fee

£1,000 – £3,000 (dependent on the complexity and time involved).

At your initial discovery meeting, we will help you to select the service that best meets your needs. This meeting is without obligation, and at our expense and is the first step in getting to know you.

Once we know what you are trying to achieve, we undertake an all-encompassing financial planning process, analysing your existing investments to identify the current and future value of what you already have.

Having agreed to engage with Wealth and Tax Management, we will ask for a Commitment Fee based on your selected service. We charge a one-off Commitment Fee because we believe our advice is valuable and will add value to your financial wellbeing.

Your Commitment Fee covers the cost of the initial data gathering, research, analysis and discussions with other professional advisers, as required.

Wealth Planning Implementation Fee

1% of the amount invested

If you wish to proceed with our advice and recommendations, we will arrange and register your chosen investments, services and policies on your behalf. For lump-sum payments into pensions and investments, our Implementation Fee is levied as a percentage of the asset invested. This fee is deducted from the investments or can be paid separately from your own or business bank account.

As an example

If you invest £250,000, your initial fees will be 1% of the £250,000.


Where we transfer existing funds that you may have between an ISA, General Investment Account or a Pension Account that are on the same platform, no implementation fees will be applied. In all other circumstances, our stated fee structure will apply.

Ongoing Planning Fee

1% per annum

Ongoing planning is a key element of our service and is essential in providing you with peace of mind and the certainty that you will have the best chance of living the life you desire without the fear of running out of money.

Our ongoing service includes annual planning meetings to ensure that both the underlying investment strategy and the recommended products continue to meet your requirements. We ensure that the underlying investment strategy and product wrappers are the most appropriate and cost-effective in assisting you to meet your objectives.

We may make recommendations to change or identify further products or services where appropriate, but such recommendations will only be acted upon with your prior approval.

The annual fee is based on the value of your overall portfolio, subject to a minimum ongoing fee of £2,500 per annum or a minimum investment of £250,000 charged at 1% per annum from the investment itself.

Example 1

A portfolio valued at £225,000 would attract an annual fee of £2,500.

Example 2

A portfolio valued at £500,000 would attract an annual fee of £5,000.

If you have more than £1 million, we use a tiered fee structure:

Assets under management Ongoing fee per annum
First £1 million 1%
£1 million – £1.5 million 0.75%
£1.5 million – £2 million 0.5%
Above £2 million 0.25%

As an example:

A portfolio valued at £2.5 million would attract an annual fee of £17,500, which is equivalent to 0.7%. per annum.

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Don’t just take our word for it!

We value our clients feedback on our services, so in July 2019 we undertook a client survey. We were delighted with the results which showed that:

  • 98% of our clients believe that working with us has helped, or will help them to achieve their financial goals.
  • 97% of our clients are satisfied with the speed of our responses.
  • 90% of our clients would recommend us to friends, family or colleagues.

Hear from our clients

We are confident that we can add real value to your life and help you reach your financial objectives over time. Don’t just take our word for it, watch our client videos to see and hear what our existing clients think about the service we provide.

We truly value the feedback we receive and always work to consistently deliver the highest level of service.

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