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Our new Win/Win Referral Scheme

If you’re happy (delighted, we hope) with our service and the results we achieve for you, then we’d love you to refer a friend, a colleague, an acquaintance, maybe even a complete stranger! And in return, we’ll reward you both.

We know it’s not ‘terribly British’ to discuss financial matters, but the thing is… financial wellbeing really does matter. Research proves that people who are financially literate and secure are healthier, live longer and have fewer relationship breakdowns. So why not spread a little financial health and happiness? All it takes is a quick: “I’ve been happy with my financial advisers; give them a call and see if they’d be right for you”… and we’ll do the rest.

For every person you refer (and who commits to becoming a retained client) we’ll give you both 100 points. You can accrue points throughout the year and use them to reduce your fees or cover the cost of personal reports.

Your points are worth…

100 points = £100 rebate on your 12 months’ annual adviser fee
200 points = £200 rebate on your 12 months’ annual adviser fee
300 points = £300 rebate on your 12 months’ annual adviser fee
300 points = free ‘Wealth Preservation Review’ or ‘Estate Protection Review’
400 points = £400 rebate on your 12 months’ annual adviser fee
500 points = £500 rebate on your 12 months’ annual adviser fee
500 points = free ‘Comprehensive Tax Planning’ report


  1. The referred person must be a totally new investor to W&TM, not a lapsed or returning client
  2. The referred person will be qualified by W&TM before acceptance for the referral scheme
  3. The referred person must commit to becoming a retained client
  4. The referring client receives 100 points for each referral, once the referred person commits as per item 2 above
  5. The referred person receives 100 ‘welcome’ points and the opportunity to join the scheme and make their own referrals to add to their points
  6. Points can be accrued over each calendar year, to a maximum of 500
  7. Points cannot be rolled-over into subsequent years
  8. Monetary rewards (rebates) will be distributed at the end of each calendar year, in the form of a cheque or bank transfer
  9. Rewards in kind (reports) will be provided as and when required, as long as sufficient points have been accrued prior to the report being delivered

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Whether you’re local to us (Milton Keynes, Leighton Buzzard, Northampton, Bedford, London) or farther afield, our expert team of financial planning specialists can provide the advice and support you need to take care of your money effectively.

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The sooner you start planning with us, the sooner you can be living your dreams.

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