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When it comes to managing your assets, Wealth & Tax Management focuses on the most important factor for successful investing: gaining an in-depth understanding of your financial position, your needs and your aspirations. Wealth & Tax Management is your go-to asset management company to build your investment portfolio and meets your objectives. 

We believe it’s our job to help you transform the way you take care of your money.

Wealth & Tax Management’s strategic, systematic technique builds your investment portfolio and adjusts it over time to ensure it continues to meet your objectives. It doesn’t attempt to time the markets, which means it’s not affected by short-term fluctuations in investments. Rather, it develops your personal portfolio based on proven asset allocation techniques.

Successful investing is 90% asset allocation and 10% investment choice.

So, what is asset allocation? Well, put simply, it’s putting your money to work in the most appropriate places for you, making sure your eggs are not all in one basket. Working with you, your personal Wealth & Tax Management Financial Advisor…

  • Quantifies your personal risk tolerance, goals and investment time frame
  • Identifies your asset allocation profile (percentage mix of investment types and risks)
  • Allocates your money to the right investments, in the right percentage split, to match your allocation profile
  • Manages and adjusts your investment mix to maintain performance over time

Asset allocation is proven to be the prime factor in successful long-term financial plans and effective investment management, but too many planners and advisers still focus solely on investment choice.

We will never exceed your risk ‘comfort-zone’

Wealth & Tax Management’s process divides your assets into low risk, medium risk and high risk groups. If you’re a ‘medium risk’ investor, a typical asset allocation would be 50% low risk, 30% medium risk and 20% high risk. However, depending on your wishes and profile, your asset allocation may not always look like this. What it will always do is make sure you never have more invested in any given risk group than you are comfortable with.

And if it all sounds rather complex, please rest assured… your personal Wealth & Tax Management Financial Planner guides you through every step of the process to make sure it delivers the best possible outcomes for you.

Wealth & Tax Management offers a variety of financial services such as divorce advice, wealth protection, retirement planning, final salary pensions and lots more to get you investing in your future.

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