SEEING HOW your FINANCIAL FUTURE MAY EVOLVE can be very liberating… where would you like yours to take you?

When you start-out in adult life, your finances are unlikely to be complicated: buying a house, starting a mortgage and contributing to a pension are all things many of us have taken on. But what could happen a few years down the road? Will the plans you have in place deliver what you want? And what about your retirement aspirations?

Understanding your current financial position is the vital first step to securing your future dreams.

You may think it’s all pretty straight forward; surely most people have a reasonable idea of where they stand, don’t they? But as is often the case with financial matters, things may not be as clear-cut as all that. How many times have you heard people wondering whether or not they can (or should) ‘afford’ something?

So we start with your current financial position… working with you we make sure the Money Forecast™ system is loaded with all the necessary information to provide you with a genuinely insightful and useful experience.

We then look at your future financial position… and how that may evolve using future wealth management. For this, Wealth & Tax Management rely on you to tell us what you want so we can input your personal ‘what if’ scenarios.

‘What if’ scenarios are precisely that: showing you WHAT could happen to your finances IF you do this, that, or the other. We can input as many ‘what ifs’ as you wish, so you can see clearly the options open to you. They’re a powerful tool providing financial clarity and insight into your personal finance and financial planning.

Using Money Forecast™ and ‘what if’ scenarios has literally changed the lives of many of our clients, who discovered they were able to…

  • Retire early when they didn’t realise they could afford to
  • Buy a holiday home
  • Help children or grandchildren with house deposits or university tuition fees
  • Go on a round-the-world holiday of a lifetime
  • Do some meaningful tax planning to save Inheritance Tax, safe in the knowledge it was affordable, so their children get more of their wealth rather than the taxman
  • Spend more on the not-so-big things, like theatre, weekends away, meals out, because they know they can afford to

And of course, we cannot forget the client who left our offices, went straight to a car showroom and bought a new car on his way home!

Fancy a bit of that certainty, clarity and freedom? Simply give us a call on on 01908 523 740 to discover your financial future.

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