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May 15, 2017 | Tony Byrne's View

I am proud to say that Wealth and Tax Management has had some recent success at the annual Buckinghamshire SME Business Awards. We came first in the E-Business category and we’re runners up for Business Innovation.

This followed our success of a few months ago in making Citywire’s New Model Adviser Top 100 award which means that we have been recognised as one of the top 100 firms of financial planners in the UK. Citywire is a totally independent organisation that produces news, opinion and advice for the fund management industry. The annual Top 100 list, produced by their site ‘New Model Adviser’, recognises the best in financial planning, wealth management and investment advice.

Of course it is always nice to get public recognition for all of your team’s hard work over the years. What has particularly pleased me is recognition for our focus on using technology and automation which has resulted in much greater efficiency and a better service for our clients. Our office is now what we call paperlight rather than paperless. It is not quite like an Apple Store yet but our use of paper is certainly minimal.

Interestingly the disposal of in-trays, filing cabinets and our spaceship sized photocopier has resulted in twice as much office space in the main open plan office where our staff work! So we will now be able to accommodate twice as many staff in the same space as before!

Research shows that financial planners who are technologically advanced are not only more efficient and offer a better client service but also more profitable! Well at least after the large investment made by us in the software, hardware and new office furniture!

What we are determined to do is not lose the human touch so we will continue to welcome phone calls and face to face meetings with clients. During working hours you will continue to speak to a human being on the phone rather than those highly irritating automated telephone answering systems with options 1-8 and a virtual receptionist!

So rest assured that in spite of the technological improvements at Wealth and Tax Management we will continue to treat you as human beings and not lose the personal touch.


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