An easy way to save money and earn money year after year

Jan 22, 2018 | Tony Byrne's View

Regular readers of this blog will be conscious of my regular advice to save money and earn more money, especially passive income, as the foundation stone of sound financial planning. Saving money and earning more money is of course the fourth highest ranked New Year’s Resolution too as mentioned in my View blog 3 weeks ago. I’d be interested to know how many of you have maintained this particular New Year Resolution!

Well the good news is we have added an additional service to our portfolio which meets the aim of both saving money and, optionally, earning more money too. The service is provided by Utility Warehouse which is owned by Telecom Plus PLC which is a FTSE 250 Share Index company and is a multiple national awards winner from a number of organisations including the demanding Which? magazine.

Utility Warehouse provides a number of services which give proven annual costs savings backed up by excellent customer service. Their main services are:

  • Phone and broadband
  • Mobile
  • Energy
  • Free lightbulbs
  • Home insurance
  • Cashback card
  • Gourmet Club card

If you take their Gold Energy or Double Gold bundle you become entitled to their free light bulbs service. This service involves Utility Warehouse replacing all of the existing light bulbs in your house with LED light bulbs for free! A first year saving worth £300 per household on average. LED light bulbs use 15% less electricity than ordinary light bulbs and the saving is for life as Utility Warehouse will replace your light bulbs with new LED ones for as long as you remain a customer.

I really like the Cashback card which gives you cashback of 3%-7% against your utility bills at over 40 retailers in store including over 2,000 outlets Nationwide as well as online. Retailers available include M&S, Boots, Sainsbury’s, B&Q and e-Bay. Average savings of £300 a year are achievable.

The Gourmet club card offers discounts at many well-known restaurants throughout the country. Again the average savings, if you dine out regularly, total £300 a year.

So the above 3 services are estimated to save you £900 in the first year alone before you even consider the savings from the other services by switching providers for phone and broadband, mobile, energy and home insurance.

Furthermore all of the services come with one monthly bill which simplifies your life even more. Their award winning customer service will be very welcome too considering how bad customer service tends to be for these particular services

Unless you are the type of person who has the time, inclination and skill to review your household and mobile phone bills every year it is hard to imagine how you would not save money using Utility Warehouse. As I could see the obvious cost savings I immediately signed up to become a customer.

I also joined as a partner in order to be able to offer the service to clients of Wealth And Tax Management. We have spent years showing clients how to make more money from their savings and investments. Now we can save them money every year too.

Furthermore if clients want to earn extra money, mostly passive income, just working part-time for a few hours a week, they can become partners too!

So what are you waiting for? If you want to reduce your costs and/or earn more money do get in touch with us or by following the link to our Utility Warehouse site. You know it makes sense.

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