Is longevity the next big investment sector?

Nov 29, 2018 | Tony Byrne's View

Regular readers of this blog will be aware that we launched our first fund, The CCM Intelligent Wealth Fund, in April this year. The fund invests in 8 sectors of the future. We have recently decided to add a 9th sector – Longevity.

We really can, and probably will, live much longer than people think is feasible. Science is advancing so rapidly that it is hard to comprehend the full implications of recent discoveries.

The new world is one where drugs, genetic engineering, cellular enhancements, and organ replacements, amongst other inventions, will add decades to our potential lifespan, taking most people much closer to the maximum life length that only a few 100+ year olds currently enjoy.

The bridge that is being built is one made partly of drugs and therapies that address the main diseases of ageing, namely cardiovascular disease, cancer, neurodegeneration, diabetes and respiratory disease.

In addition, the development of therapies to remove senescent cells, to restore cellular activity, to improve hormonal balance and to enhance mobility in older people is proceeding apace.

People living to age 100 onto 120 will become commonplace and unremarkable.

Our quite remarkable bodies are going to reveal ever greater numbers of secrets, something vital to the process of re-engineering them to work longer, harder and more efficiently than they do today and they do work pretty hard already.

The earthly vessels in which we reside contain a heart that pumps 750 litres of blood and beats over 100,000 times each day, a pair of lungs that take 17,000 daily breaths, a pair of kidneys that filter over a litre of blood every minute, a liver that works incredibly hard to produce cholesterol, vitamin D and blood plasma, billions of cells that regenerate at an astonishing rate, giving us a new set of bones every 10 years, a pair of eyes that blink 28,000 times each day – and all the other micromachinery working together in perfect harmony that makes us who we are will be fine-tuned into even greater perfection.

The longevity sector could well become the biggest investment sector ever.

If you would like to invest in this sector why not invest into The CCM Intelligent Wealth fund with us? You know it makes sense.


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