Maximising the returns from your cash deposits

Feb 7, 2018 | Tony Byrne's View

We are delighted to announce a couple of new services for Wealth And Tax Management clients which will benefit you significantly. Both services are designed to help you to maximise returns from your cash deposits. The first one is our Cash Management Service and the second one is called Dynamic Money Management Service.

Our Cash Management Service is aimed at individuals or organisations with at least £250K in cash in a bank or a Building Society account earning very low interest of typically less than 1% a year.

Not only are we able to find you the highest interest rates available from 190 banks but we can also structure your deposits in such a way that you can plan when you want access to the cash by offering a mixture of instant access and term deposits.

On top of this is our account protection service whereby we spread your deposits between different banking groups to ensure you have the requisite deposit protection of £85K per person per banking group. This means you will receive compensation should one or more of the banks in which you have money deposited were to fail.

Any money you deposit is invested directly with each bank not with us as we do not handle client money and it is all backed up with a simple, no nonsense application process which is quick and easy, facilitated by a fantastic software program which sources the very best interest rates for you.

Our Dynamic Money Management Service is quite a different proposition to our Cash Management Service as it is really an alternative to both cash and more traditional investments such as shares, bonds and property. It could quite justifiably be described simply as an alternative shorter term investment. Cash savings are usually for the short term whereas shares, bonds and property are more long term investments for at least 5 years and preferably 10.

Dynamic Money Management is available for investments of £100K or more and the investment term is typically for 1-3 years on average. The type of investments available include peer to peer lending, mini bonds, property backed lending and Innovative Finance ISAs (IFISAs) etc. The advantage of such investments is that they typically offer better returns than cash usually in the range of 4%-7% p.a. or more and you do not usually need to tie up your money for more than 3 years.

Within this service we will be offering a matchmaking proposition soon under which we will match private lenders with private borrowers (individuals or businesses). It will be a kind of face to face, peer to peer lending service as opposed to the more well-known online ones. The advantage of this service is that clients will get to meet the borrowers and will only lend their money to them when it is backed up by first class security usually in the form of personal guarantees and second charges on land and property. The loans will be from syndicates or groups of clients in order to spread the risk between them.

So if you are fed up with lousy interest rates from your bank or simply want better returns without tying up your money for 5 or more years, why not get in touch with us? You know it makes sense.

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