Cholpon Djanuzakova

Hello, I am Cholpon and I help women who are going through divorce.

The reason why I chose to do this is based on my personal experience. After 11 years in a relationship, I walked out with my two young children when I knew things weren’t working for us. Because I wasn’t married, I wasn’t financially entitled to anything and believe me, it was hard. Therefore, I am determined to help you.

My ideal client is a woman who has been looking after the family and children and typically hasn’t been involved in dealing with the family’s finances, who is finding it daunting during the divorce/separation process.

If you are one of these women, please get in touch with me. I would love to speak to you. My contact details are below.


01908 523740

Tony Byrne

I have been advising divorcees for 20 years, so I have a wealth of experience in this field. Having been divorced twice I know what it feels like to go through a divorce.

My divorces couldn’t have been more different.

The first marriage was a long one and we had dependent children when we divorced. It was acrimonious and very expensive.

My second marriage was a short one with no children. That divorce was amicable and inexpensive.

These experiences give me insight into the difficulties you’re going through when you separate, and so my advice can add real value.

My ideal client is: a successful, divorcing owner of a business, especially one in the IT and telecommunications industry.


01908 523740


Get a copy of Finance planning for pensions & Divorce

We understand that divorce and separation can be an extremely stressful time for everyone involved. Anxiety about whether you’ll have enough to live on, not to mention save for your future, only adds to the stress.

Let us take some of the strain

We can’t take away all of the stress. But we can help you to achieve a fair settlement which will help you move on with your life and plan for your future.

Using our MoneyForecast™ tool, we’ll put together an assessment of how much money you’ll need, both now and in the future. We’ll work closely with your legal advisers to manage the divorce process. This often includes an assessment of existing pension arrangements and the completion of a Pension Sharing Order.

Once your divorce is complete, we can continue to work with you to ensure that your financial plan stays on track, so you can look forward to a positive future.

If you are considering a divorce or in the process of divorcing or separating do get in touch. We want to make sure you and your children will be financially secure.

Don’t leave it too late – call us on 01908 523 740

We appreciate that relying on others to help make your financial decisions is not always easy. Having trust in your adviser is essential to the process. This is why we offer you the opportunity to speak to other clients whom we’ve helped through divorce. That way you can be certain that choosing to work with us is the right decision for you.

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